How to Use Honey for Skin Glow with this Honey Duo

Yes, honey is sweet on our french toasts and makes our cuppa tea sweeter and better, always. But honey is no just sweet on the bread! Honey is sweet on the skin!


Some prefer to use raw honey in their skin care routine or mix honey with wash-off masks or moisturizers they own or some prefer to find beauty products that include honey or ingredients that are closely tied to honey, for instance, propolis and royal jelly. No matter how honey is added into your skin care routine, we can all agree that honey is no stranger when it comes to skin care and the hype is real! 

Honey for skin glow

What is Honey’s Worth?  

When it comes to the skin, one of the most well known trait of honey is its hydrating effect for the dry skin. But, there are more to the skin benefits of honey. Honey is packed with components beneficial for the skin in many different aspects and can be used both topically on the entire face or for specific affected area.

Honey is…

– a great antibacterial ingredient to treat troubled areas or even acne.
– an abundant source of antioxidants to prevent skin damage, skin aging and lost of skin’s elasticity.
– emollient thus helps seal moisture into the skin keeping skin hydrated.
– a clarifying ingredient that helps with pore care and prevents blackheads.
– great to remove dead skin cells off from the skin when used as face masks.
– significant in brightening overall skin complexion and fading pigmentation.   

The “Honey Glow Queen” Duo to Complete Glowing Skin 

I'm from Honey Serum
Honey Glow Queen: Combination of 7 active ingredients

Thanks to these amazing benefits of honey, there is an overflow of skin care products with honey as their main ingredient. That is why, the brand I’m From, known to create wide range of skin care products with natural ingredients (such as rice, ginseng, mugwort and so on) decided to create their own unique formulation for better skin experience!


They combined 7 active ingredients: honey, black bee propolis, royal jelly, bee venom, tumeric, bee pollen, and cinnamon and named it the “Honey Glow Queen (Honey Complex)”. This honey complex is designed to offer rich moisture and powerful antioxdiant onto the skin.    

Honey, you’re the glaze to my skin.

I'm from Honey Serum
[I’m From] Honey Serum

This Honey Serum squeezes out as a honey-like gooey texture which glides on to the skin smoothly and easily. This serum is meant to enhance elasticity, prevent fine lines and add a nice moisture layer onto the skin. When used before makeup, the serum will help you present a glowy and glossy look!   

Honey Glow Cream, for bouncing back to youthful skin.  

Honey for skin glow
[I’m From] Honey Glow Cream

This Honey Glow Cream, unlike many honey cream products out there has a smooth and silky texture. The cream glides onto the skin easily and also absorbs effectively. The layer of this Glow Cream will add a natural glow just like the name implies but also strengthen your skin barrier while balancing the water-oil ratio of your skin.