July 02, 2018

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The K-beauty Craze – What’s With the Worldwide Skin Care Trend?

Consumers and industry insiders are both going gaga with Korean beauty, or more popularly called K-beauty. Top magazines even considered Korea as the newest skincare superpower, referring to the country to be 12 years ahead in terms of skin care innovation internationally. But, the million dollar question is, what’s with this infatuation?

Koreans are known for being among the most demanding beauty consumers all over the world. Did you know that there are some Korean ladies who, in spite of their perfect skin, still want to make it look a bit more porcelain-like and translucent? Yes, it is quite shocking but it is true. In fact, it is almost safe to say that Korean women have such high skin care standards which are almost impossible to meet, much less exceed. But, even though these sky-high standards are a bit taxing, these are exactly the things that keep the industry of Korean beauty striving to keep up.

Aside from this, Korean consumers are known for their insatiable appetite for skin care, and in turn, this helps fund extensive research and development across the industry. With the thousands of beauty brands vying to get a good chunk of the market share, this paved way to an incredibly innovative and hyper-competitive industry which has reached the forefront of the beauty arena.

Here are the top reasons why Kbeauty has become so popular right now:


One-of-a-Kind Innovation

Korean sheet mask, cushion compact, and BB cream have now become must-have beauty staples which have originated in Korea. From genius packaging which doesn’t just look great but also helps with easier application up to the never-before-seen-or-heard of formulations and textures, the heart of beauty innovations is beating loudly in Seoul, the beauty Mecca dotted with hundreds of beauty shops densely packed in adjacent street blocks.


Distinctive Ingredients

Korean skin care and beauty products use the most effective ingredients from the West and a whole lot more. With the impressively expansive repertoire which includes ground-breaking ingredients like bee venom and snail mucin, their impressively fresh formulations have the ability of delivering results you have never achieved before.


Gentle Formulas

The heritage of K-beauty is rich in natural ingredients which have been passed down from one generation to another. This tradition still lives on until this day with formulations drawn from the Earth, shunning harsh chemicals.


Better Value

It is a positive thing for the consumers when there is a strong competition among different brands, and needless to say, the competition among Korea’s beauty brands is extremely fierce, and this keeps down the prices of the beauty products without compromising the quality at all.


Great Results Inside Out

The holistic K-beauty philosophy puts more emphasis on improving a person’s skin not only on the outside but also on the inside. They believe that you will not get a totally radiant complexion overnight with a mere treatment of the outer layers of the skin. Instead, Korean skin care concentrates on being able to maintain a well-hydrated, nourished, and healthy skin environment to achieve results which will last for a long time.


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