Korean Skin Care Tips


Korean Skin Care mostly focus on hydration, which is basic. 

Water, Water, and Please, More Water

The very first thing is none other than water. It seems that as far as water is concerned, you simply don’t get enough of it. When you drink more water, your skin will also be so much better. It is because water helps your body in getting rid of wastes. It can also plump your skin, help all the body systems enjoy better function, and to top it all, water is easy to consume. For those who are not big fans of plain water, you can pitch in some lemon or cucumber for a great treat, both of which are also very helpful for your face. Consuming green tea with ginger or lemon throughout the day is another great way to say goodbye to all those pesky toxins.


Go for a Face Detox 

No matter where you look and where you go, toxins will always be there. They are found in the food you eat every day, the air you breathe the moment you wake up every morning, and of course, the pollution surrounding you on a daily basis. Even though the human body is pretty good at getting rid of all these toxins, there are instances when it still requires a little boost.

In the case of most people right now, their faces bear the brunt of these bad toxins from the environment. But, you don’t have to worry because there are several things you can do to combat these bad stuffs and give your face its much needed detox in the most natural way.


Add Fiber to Your Daily Diet

Do you get enough fiber in your diet? If not, then, it is about time to get more and do it fast. Fiber is among the best things you can ever include in your diet. You can get this in oatmeal, nuts, and so much more. Keep your body moving and make sure you add this amazing ingredient all day long.


Go Natural with Your Makeup

If you are a makeup junkie, it might be best if you do it a bit more naturally. It means that you have to steer clear of things which include preservatives, chemicals, and parabens as these will only add more toxins further into your system. Instead, you can try to make and prepare your own creams using oils such as jojoba, thistle, or chia and add detoxing essential oils such as eucalyptus and tea tea tree to have your very own power house for detoxing.


The importance of expoliation

At least once or twice a week, exfoliate your skin to remove the layers of dead skin, sure to leave you with a more healthy glow and brighter skin. A gentle exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells will make it possible for the rest of your skin care products to absorb ingredient with clean pores.  


Steam can do wonders

Another great idea you can try is to steam first your face before you go ahead with your facial. You can use steam for 8 to 10 minutes to purify your pores and eliminate excess water. It will guarantee a better base for your facial.

Toxins are the number one culprit for breakouts, dry patches, and redness. The good news is that there a lot of ways for you to counteract all their negative effects. While you cannot get away from these toxins because they are present everywhere, you can do a lot of things for your body to be cleared of them as fast as possible.